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AMobile Solutions Corp. was founded in 2013. We are jointly invested by MediaTek (a publicly traded company in Taiwan) and ARBOR Technology (a company listed on the Taiwan OTC). With a mission of “Building Connected Industry, Making Industry Connected,” the company aims to create next-generation industrial-grade handheld devices and AI machine vision integration solutions.

As a leader in rugged handheld devices and tablets. We have established ourselves as a global brand marketing products in dozens of countries. Our headquarters is in Taiwan, and we have found collaborative business locations in the United States, China, the European Union, and more. This multinational presence allows us to provide customers with real-time sales and related after-sales services.

AMobile is an expert in rugged communication devices and AIoT machine vision integration. We offer solid handheld communication devices, rugged tablets, machine vision processing, and more. With our All In One production model and as a subsidiary of MediaTek, we have access to the latest chip technology, enabling us to develop and create versatile handheld products for industries such as warehousing, automotive, retail, public safety, healthcare, and military applications. Through specialized industrial design, modular hardware manufacturing processes, and a dedicated software team, we create products tailored to specific industry applications.

We provide ODM and OEM software and hardware-integrated design planning processes. Our extensive industry experience allows AMobile to tailor the best and most decisive solutions for industrial clients. We offer expert-level advice beyond customer expectations, along with research and development of diverse materials and components. In the rugged market, we showcase our professional technology. Our products are not only lightweight and slim but also require a certain level of flexibility to support durability. This is the secret behind Amobile’s success.

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