The future of intralogistics technology

26 & 27 October | Hall 3&5 | IFEMA, Madrid

The future of intralogistics technology

2 & 27 October 2022 | IFEMA, Madrid

The future of intralogistics technology

26 & 27 October 2022
IFEMA, Madrid


About us

YMS (Yard Management System) for dock management at logisitcs sites as well as the associated flow of trucks.

The efficient management of the operations at Logistics Sites is crucial for cost reduction.

Good planning of arrivals of carriers, access control, reduction of idle time, preparation of yards, prioritization of transport to attend outbound operations, or the reduction of delivery note processing times, they all result in optimization of the resources used and agility in operations.

Our experience developing queue management software allows us to offer a high degree of criteria under which the system can automatically assign docks to a given transport, which is one of the most powerful features of Logistic Dock.

It is no longer mandatory to have to park near the entrance of the Logistics Site to present access credentials to the staff at the gatehouse; with Logistic Dock, the truck can wait at a certain distance from the Center, so that traffic jams and public road blockages are not created due to the saturation of trucks at the entrance. The carrier will receive an SMS communicating the dock number to which they must go. Logistic Dock that takes care of validating the number plate that is presented at the barrier. If the entry of the vehicle is allowed, the system gives an automatic opening order.

Site Operators can request the entry of a new transport, change transports from one dock to another, request transports from the parking lot, block/release docks, carry out movements of tractors with trailers on the dock, among other actions, and all this by leaving a record for archive.

In addition, the digitization of data on the arrival and departure of transport allows:
o Generate KPI reports.
o Greater control of what happens at the logistics sites.
o Planning and appointment reservations (Logistic Booking).
o Digital signature of PRL/RGPD acceptance.
o Control of arrival times at destinations.
o Parking management.

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