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Our next-generation Toposens ECHO ONE® enables your AGV, AMR, or other mobile robot avoid collisions with all kinds of obstacles. Based on the principle of echolocation as seen in bats, our proprietary 3D ultrasonic technology compensates the drawbacks of optical sensors through sound-based triangulation in combination with sophisticated noise-filtering software. This in turn delivers robust 3D data output in real-time for each obstacle detected within the fully adjustable, dynamic warning- and stopping zones. By detecting even the most complex objects in 3D space with a small blind zone, customers are able to reduce costly accidents while ensuring highest safety in any environment. Unlike existing sensor technologies, which can be negatively impacted by light conditions, reflections, and weather, we created a system using real-time 3D data mapping and object recognition software to guide autonomous systems such as AGVs even in the most difficult environments. There is currently no sufficient solution to the challenges of sophisticated environment perception in range-finding sensors, especially in 3D ultra-short-range for highest reliability 3D collision avoidance for robots.Toposens ECHO ONE® is a cost-effective, reliable and efficient solution. With our sensor the high costs of accidents can be reduced improving safety in manufacturing environments and increasing the ROI of AGV applications.

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