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Munich-based MEYSENS GmbH manufactures the world’s first ultrasonic echolocation sensor for 3D collision avoidance in mobile robots. Launched in 2022, the industrial-grade sensor Toposens ECHO ONE® is available for the first time as a series product and represents the further development of the company’s 3D ultrasonic technology. Unlike existing sensor technologies that can be negatively affected by lighting conditions or humidity, the sensor uses echolocation as known from bats to generate robust real-time 3D echolocation data that drives autonomous systems in a variety of applications. And it does so regardless of onsite conditions. It offers 3D multi-object detection of complex and transparent objects in the ultra-close range from 10cm up to 3m, as well as a field of view of up to 180° in the ultra-close range and up to 110° at 3m. It is also fully CE, FCC and IP67 certified and offers an efficient way to overcome the disadvantages of optical sensors.


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