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Welcome to the future of logistics and Intralogistics. Logistics & Automation is the meeting point for all professionals interested in promoting and improving all the logistic and intralogistic processes of their businesses.

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Unique lead nurturing technologies to maximise your investment


Data on business interactions is collected thanks to our unique intelligent contact management tools included in all exhibitor packages.

  • Smart Badge: All event participants enter the event with a smart badge, which, when it is brought close to the reader on a stand like the one in the picture, leads to an exchange of information.
    The visitor receives the exhibitor’s information and the exhibitor receives the information of all visitors who “touch” their badge to the reader on their stand.
  • Visit Connect: Our badges also feature a QR scannable with your smartphone via this app, adding real-time notes, images, videos and much more.

And we have only just begun

These two tools are just the base of our event, in addition to everything else you will be able to track who registers for your actions, create alerts to be sent to your mobile phone when your visitors arrive, and multiply the visibility of your brand according to the marketing package you hire.