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The Skypod system is a revolutionary unit order picking solution. This system offers the best performance on the market while maintaining a high level of flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s needs. What makes the difference? The dimensioning takes into account the storage needs and flows separately, which allows to adapt to the exact needs of the customer and to proceed to further segmentation according to growth.

Exotec’s Skypod system is a totally standard and very simple solution based on racks, robots and picking stations, where only the robots concentrate mobile elements, the rest being passive systems. A solution where each robotic unit is constantly monitored in real time to ensure the availability and productivity of the system as a whole.

Being the only solution in the world where the robots themselves climb up the shelves to pick up the product container, with a capacity of up to 30 kg, and take it to the workstation allows you to make the most of the volume of the warehouses, reaching up to 12 metres in height and working on double or single-depth racks. The “goods-to-person” principle also ensures maximum productivity in the centre.

The easy scalability of the system is one of its most differential factors. On the one hand, it has a delivery time of 6 months between order and start-up, which is less than half the standard time in the sector. This fact makes it possible to design an installation that covers the needs of the system in the short term, and to expand static or dynamic capacity, with racks or robots respectively, in an agile manner, depending on the needs at any given time. The flexibility of the system also allows the absorption of work peaks by means of RaaS (Robot as a Service) type solutions, giving its customers greater room for manoeuvre.

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