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Connect the management of your stores with the corporate information system. The POS Software solution links the management of commercial establishments with the company’s information system, guaranteeing absolute security in the transmission / reception of data and achieving effective integration with it and the other existing systems.

Conceived to optimize to the maximum the processes of sale of products in counter. This solution allows comprehensive communication between the stores themselves, and between them and the head office. The head office can access updated information and know at all times what is happening on a commercial level. Updated information in each of the establishments (sales, stocks …).

Thanks to its integration with the company’s operational information stored in the system, it avoids duplication of information. It also streamlines workflows, facilitates access to sales data from headquarters, etc.

On the other hand, it also provides an extremely intuitive and manageable interface, providing a quick adaptation of store workers to the new environment. Workers can start working with it in no time.

In this way, the POS Software solution has been developed to streamline and fully automate sales of finished items on the counter. Some examples may be: books, press, candy, toys, gift items and snacks, among others.

For this, it has an easy and simple interface. Streamlines all sales, collection and other cash operations. It allows sellers to have direct access to the main POS options. These advantages are realized through hotkeys or icons.

It allows different types of visualization making user input easier and more intuitive.

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