Three keys to boosting green last mile logistics

Increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly services, tightening environmental regulations and growing expectations for greater corporate social responsibility are some of the key factors influencing companies to implement strategies for a sustainable and sustainable last mile in logistics.

Three keys to driving green logistics

In light of this, logistics presents a great opportunity to move in a “green” direction, considering that it is one of the most polluting industries globally due to the need for fossil fuels in its means of transport.

In this line, particularly the last mile – the final stretch of the logistics process from when the product is dispatched until it reaches the final customer – presents great opportunities to reduce the impact that its operations can have on the environment.

In this context of climate crisis, where regulations will increase and become stricter, can logistics be an ally of sustainability? The answer is yes, and it has to be if logistics companies are to be able to sustain themselves over time. A virtuous relationship can be established between speed, care for the environment and convenience.

Along these lines, I will share with you three strategies for companies’ last mile processes to combine sustainability, speed and convenience in their processes, improving the experience they deliver to their end customers:

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