What Does the IPLUSMOBOT Range Have to Offer?

Intelligent mobile robot improves efficiency greatly! Want amr automated mobile robot, automated mobile robots or cobot collaborative robot?

Our company brand is: IPLUSMOBOT, which can be said to be an advanced company in the world for autonomous mobile robots, leading many countries. Founded in 2016, our headquarters is located in the beautiful Hangzhou, Japan and Shenzhen(China) also have our subsidiaries.

Our company’s products are mainly intelligent mobile robots, which provide automated and digital products for the manufacturing industry and provide enterprise production efficiency, including amr automated mobile robot, automated mobile robots or cobot collaborative robot. When we produce some chemical products, many raw materials are corrosive. If manual handling is used, it may cause some accidental injuries. Using intelligent mobile robots to carry can effectively avoid these problems and protect the life safety of our workers. And the robot does not need to rest, can work 24 hours, can greatly improve the efficiency. At present, there are few manual workers in the manufacturer’s warehouse. Most of them are robots that are busy carrying materials. The unmanned driving function is very powerful, and the positioning is very accurate and flexible for our amr automated mobile robot, automated mobile robots or cobot collaborative robot.


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1. Automotive industry: amr automated mobile robot, automated mobile robots or cobot collaborative robot

It can be used in auto parts production and engine assembly to realize intelligent production line and reduce the workload of production staff. In western developed countries, the application of intelligent mobile robots in their automobile manufacturing industry is more advanced than that in China, especially in the area of full intelligent material handling. Because the route and distance of arrival are much more complex and difficult than the simple loop of the production and assembly line, especially the optimization of the control system, there is still a long way to go. Our amr automated mobile robot and automated mobile robots as well as cobot collaborative robot are your good choice.


2. Warehousing industry: robotic forklift or intelligent forklift

The storage industry is the best in intelligent mobile robots. It is estimated that there are more than 20000 sets of intelligent mobile robots used in warehouses in various environments around the world. As early as 2002, an intelligent warehouse full automatic handling system was synthesized, enabling the daily heavy handling tasks of inbound and outbound goods and parts to be successfully completed.


The star product of our company: EMMA400L: amr mobile robot. Its main functions are: autonomous positioning and navigation, intelligent path planning, which can reduce manual manipulation. Just select the starting point and destination, and it will automatically move according to the specified line, which is very convenient. Obstacles automatically stop, intelligently bypass obstacles, will not be affected by obstacles, and safely carry goods. Identification of the material shelf identification operation platform, docking and interaction with third-party facilities, and execution of fleet scheduling tasks.


Advantages of our company’s products: the advantages of our products are flexible to adapt to various vehicles, with its own technology, which can be quickly adapted. The robot body is small, with a large rated load, and it is suitable for operation in a 70cm narrow channel with a load of 400kg.


Why choose us?

We have a perfect quality assurance system

Eprose robot series has passed the ISO9001: 2005 quality system certification, which conforms to strict process operation standards and quality control operation standards. Through comprehensive quality management process and responsibility system, the quality of Eprose Mobot products in all processes is ensured.


We have perfect after-sales service

We provide fast service response worldwide. Comprehensive pre-sales application suggestions, sales and after-sales services. We provide first-class product quality assurance system and rapid and professional deployment. In addition, on-site support and maintenance services are critical. Professional technical support will be launched through documents, on-site, Q&A, video and other remote training methods.


Reduce labor cost

Manual transportation is cancelled, mobile robots are used for transportation, task instructions are automatically executed, operation error rate is reduced, a large number of labor costs are saved, and relevant staffing can be optimized and reduced by more than 80%.

Provide one-stop service from the aspects of scheme planning, system integration, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, technical training, after-sales service, etc., to help the enterprise reduce labor costs and improve turnover rate, while building an unmanned smart factory for the enterprise to “increase its strength”!


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