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Advertising specifications

Our specification page outlines all the key information you’ll need in order to send us your advert in the correct format. If anything is still unclear or you have any questions about the process, please contact a member of the team who will be happy to advise you on best practise.

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Storage and equipment


Intralogistics and supply chain


Robótica y automatización


Traceability and services

Website Specifications

Our variety of website advertising options allow to put advert of your choice on our homepage. Available formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.

Best practise:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Provide a clear call to action
  • Use high quality visuals
  • Use smooth animation
  • Consider your ad on mobile- the same file will be used on different screen sizes, make sure text is visible and legible.

Specs and best practise:

  • Maximum 600 pixels width (any height).
  • 72dpi for image resolution.
  • Background images, animated GIFs, videos and image
    mapping aren’t supported on all email systems. If used,
    ensure you send image files and alternative text.
  • Only web safe fonts should be used for text e.g. Arial,
    Verdana, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, Times New
  • Minimum legible font size is 12 pixels.
  • Review your email on multiple devices to ensure responsiveness. We encourage responsive coding.

Dimensions (px):

Email Specifications

Available format: JPG, PNG, GIF Good practice:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Provide a call to action
  • Use high quality images
  • Use fluid animation
  • Think about your advert on mobile devices. The same file will be used on different screen sizes. Make sure the text is visible and readable.

Specifications and good practices:

  • Maximum width of600 pixels (any height).
  • 72 dpi image resolution.
  • Not all email systems support background images, animated GIFs, videos and image mapping. If you use such elements, make sure you send image files and alternative text.
  • Only web-safe fonts should be used for text, e.g. Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, Times New Roman.
  • The minimum readable font size is 12 pixels.
  • Analyse your email on multiple devices to ensure responsiveness. We encourage responsive programming.

Dimensions (px):

Social Specifications

Best practise:

  • Length of post copy is not limited on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, but social sites often cut off text longer than 140 characters with ‘see more’
  • For Twitter the maximum post length, including hashtags and URls’s,  is 280 characters
  • Hyperlinks are not possible in Instagram post, so take this into account when sending over copy
  •  Videos are also useable on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, maximum video size is 4GB.
  • You are able to send them over on different captions for each social platform; please ensure you highlight which platform you would like each caption to be associated with, including any links and hashtags.

Asset requirements:

  • Max Image Size:150KB
  • Max video size:4gb
  • Non-animated image formats: JPEG, PNG,.GIF
  • Animated Image format: .GIF, SWF(Flash),.ZIP (Html5)

Dimensions (px):

PPC Campaign Specifications

As an advertiser, you will need to create the banner ads we upload to search and social networks as part of the audience extension. Here is all the information you need to create static banners, video banners or a combination of both.

Best practise:

  • Include your brand   logo (if using animation, this needs to be on every frame)
  • Use a clear CTA (call to action)
  • Include USPs such as prices, promotions and exclusives.
  • Create variations of your banners e.g. busy conference image and a product image.

Asset Requirement:

  • Max Size 150KB
  • Non-animated image format: JPEG, PGN,.GIF
  • Animated Image format: GIF, SWF (flash),.ZIP (HTML5)
  • HTML5 Formats: Zip containing HTML and optionally CS, JS, GIF, PNG, JPEG, SVG responsive or standard
  • Animation length and speed:
  • Animation length must be 30n seconds or shorter
  • Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5fps
  • Flash ads must be 24FPs or slower

Size guide
Most common banner sizes: 300×250, 728×90, 970×250, 160×600, 336×280, 468×60, 300×600, 320×50, 320×100, 1200×628, 1080×1920 & 1080×1080

Next steps
If you are launching an audience extension campaign our team will require further information to get the campaign live. When you have confirmed your order, we will send you a short form to complete to ensure its success. The team will review the files you send across and let you know if its suitable for publishing. If you have any questions about the creative specification or file type, please contact your marketing contact.

Dimensions (px):

Video best practise:

Video best practise:

  • Grab attention within the first 2 seconds
  • Communicate visually so users can understand your message even without audio
  • Don’t overlay text, logos or button
    30 seconds or less.
  • Uploading different video lengths can help you to tell different stories. But keep the total individual video length under 30 seconds
  • Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 fps
  • Flash ads must be 24 fps or slower

Asset requirements:

  • YouTube must be public
  • Recommended duration: 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds.
    You can supply one or a number of video files.

Dimensions (px):

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engranje blanco

Tracking and Labelling

etiqueta blanco

Warehouse & Storage

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Icono transporte y ultima milla

Supply Chain

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carretilla blanco

Seguridad logística

seguridad blanco

Robotics and Automation

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Digital opportunities

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Una nueva fórmula para poder seguir acercando profesionales. Porque ese es nuestro punto fuerte, nuestra comunidad. Y nuestro principal objetivo, que podamos seguir siendo vuestra plataforma para cerrar negocios y el escaparate de vuestras innovaciones.  Además, es una manera de ofrecer formación y contenido donde los expertos abordarán diferentes tématicas de actualidad que ayudarán a mantenerte al día del sector en estos tiempos tan desafiantes.  Mantente atento a los diferentes contenidos y regístrate para verlos en vivo o “bajo demanda”.

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Revolution or Revolution? Intelligent Automation

28 April
Discovering e-commerce: keys to packaging and logistics

Tracking and Labelling
Warehouse & Storage
Consulting Services
Supply Chain
Forklifts, lifting equipment
Logistics Security

Robotics and Automation

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