Transport faces fuel dilemma

From 2035, only carbon-neutral cars will be sold in Europe. In this context, e-fuels or electro-fuels are on the agenda. Energy sources need to be diversified, depending on the costs and alternatives available in each sector.

Transport faces the dilemma of the best fuel. Transport is the sector that consumes the most energy (around 30%), both in the European Union and in Spain, according to Eurostat data for 2020. Almost 95 % of final consumption corresponds to road transport, and the remaining 5 % to aviation and the maritime sector.

It is also the second most polluting on the continent and the first at national level. In the EU as a whole, transport accounts for 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions, while in Spain this percentage rises to nearly 30%.

The European Parliament recently set a first hurdle: from 2035 onwards, no new internal combustion cars and commercial vehicles (whether diesel or petrol, including hybrids) can be produced and sold, and only carbon-neutral cars can continue to be produced.

The famous e-fuels
Electro-fuels or e-fuels are different from fossil fuels because…

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