• Logistics & Automation and UNO renew their alliance to reward the leaders of the logistics sector at Logistics & Automation Madrid.
  • The awards will recognise, through 7 categories, the most relevant dimensions of the sector, highlighting the transformative and innovative capacity of logistics, as well as its efforts in entrepreneurship and internationalisation.
  • The deadline for submitting nominations will be open until 31 October 2023, with a jury made up of members of the UNO Board of Directors, which includes the CEOs of the main companies in the sector.
  • The logistics sector currently represents around 8% of GDP and employs more than one million people, positioning itself as one of the leading areas in innovation and job creation, within all industries and services of our economy.

Logistics & Automation, Spain’s leading logistics and intralogistics event organised by Easyfairs, which will be held on 29 and 30 November in Hall 7 of IFEMA, has renewed its collaboration agreement with UNO, the Spanish Business Organisation for Logistics and Transport. As part of this agreement, both organisations will organise the IV Edition of the LEADERS in Logistics Awards on 29 November at 12 noon during the trade fair. These awards, whose official sponsor is Mercedes-Benz Spain, seek to recognise the best in the sector, at a key moment in the transformation and innovation driven by companies, mainly thanks to their efforts to face the latest challenges of the global economy.

Oscar Barranco, CEO of Easyfairs Iberia, has highlighted the value of this 4th edition of the awards: “In recent years we have witnessed the great potential for improvement and growth in the logistics and transport sector. These awards simply pay tribute to all those companies and institutions that are pioneers in their field and we are very happy to be able to award them once again this year with the help of UNO”.

“Events such as the Logistics & Automation show are a great support for the industry, as they provide great opportunities to continue fostering professional networking and building a more innovative future for the sector,” added Barranco.

For his part, the president of UNO, Francisco Aranda, celebrated the renewal of the agreement with the Logistics & Automation fair for the fourth consecutive year: “This is an unmissable event for logistics and transport professionals, so we are particularly pleased to be able to award the sector’s most prestigious prizes in the framework of this benchmark forum”.

“In this edition, which is full of novelties, we will once again recognise the best and most innovative practices of the companies that lead the transformation of the sector through their constant commitment to society, employment and the Spanish economy”, explained Aranda. And he concludes: “This meeting is also the perfect setting to promote networking between professionals and leading companies of different types that share a common goal: to promote innovation, competitiveness and logistics talent.

In short, the Logistics Leaders Awards aim to highlight the strengths of logistics, recognise its professionals and companies, and highlight the social and economic impact on society of an area that represents nearly 8% of Spain’s GDP and employs more than one million people.

All those interested in attending the ceremony of the ‘LEADERS in Logistics Awards’ 2023 can book their place through the following link:

Nominations for the LEADERS in Logistics Awards 2023

The LEADERS in Logistics Awards 2023, presented at Logistics & Automation, include seven different categories, covering the most important areas of the sector and recognising the work of logistics companies and organisations in each of them.

Mercedes-Benz Sustainable Logistics: This category recognises corporate projects that promote sustainability within the sector and the efficient use of natural resources.
Logistics Innovation and Entrepreneurship: this honours all those initiatives that stand out for their innovative and transformative nature, and that also drive competitiveness and the creation of new opportunities.
Business Digitalisation: this prize will be awarded to the company that has implemented digitalisation strategies or projects that have promoted progress towards a new, more connected, digital, innovative and analytical logistics model.

Logistics Internationalisation: recognises companies with projects of great relevance in the international market and which represent a boost for the reactivation of the national economy, the development abroad of our business fabric and the positioning of the Spain Brand abroad.

Logistics Professional of the Year: the category is aimed at recognising the work and commitment of professional profiles within the sector that have contributed to the positioning of logistics and transport as essential services and to making their importance visible, as they are an essential cog in the wheel for social development and economic growth in Spain.

Logistics Communication: this category recognises the work of the media, both general and specialised, in the dissemination of the contribution of the logistics sector to the economy.

Special Logistics 2023 Award: pays tribute to any company, entity, institution or person who has served as an example and inspiration for the rest of the sector during the toughest moments of economic and social crisis that the industry has gone through in recent years.
Deadlines for submission, nominations and judging

Companies, organisations and institutions interested in participating may do so through the UNO Logística website by filling in a form, as well as providing a brief description of the entity applying for the award, its merits, as well as any other valuable information.

Once the deadline for entries closes on 31 October 2023, the jury will examine the nominations according to the requirements of the categories. As every year, the jury will be made up of the members of the UNO Board of Directors, which includes the CEOs of the main logistics and transport companies. The decision will be announced on 29 November, during the Logistics & Automation trade fair, at an event to be held at 12.00 noon.

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About UNO

UNO is the business organisation for logistics and transport operators, a sector that represents 6% of GDP. This sector handles more than 500 million shipments per year, or 5 million tonnes per year, and employs more than 950,000 workers. UNO brings together companies that design, organise, manage and control the processes of one or more stages of the supply chain.

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