Integral Industrial Logistics Maintenance

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With Integral Industrial Logistics Maintenance, we accompany our customers and their facilities throughout the entire life cycle of their plant. We take care of everything from the prevention of breakdowns to the repair of small breakages. With integral industrial maintenance, we achieve optimum operation of the logistics plant or warehouse using corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance.
On the one hand, preventive maintenance tasks are carried out, which are programmed tasks aimed at foreseeing in advance the unexpected stoppage of a machine or element.
Corrective maintenance corrects the breakdowns and faults caused in an element or machine partially or totally.
Predictive maintenance tasks optimise the viability and availability of equipment with a set of instrumented techniques for measuring and analysing variables to predict future failures.

One of the main tools we use in our maintenance is the CMMS system, which facilitates and automates the planning of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance, as well as allowing an exhaustive review of critical data in maintenance management, receiving the necessary information to manage and improve resources and detect anomalies. We also have a control room (Robomap) where the functions of applications and equipment bridge to support the client in cases of emergency. At MIM we have SIMIMONE, a systematic and simple tool that unifies maintenance management, defines, measures, analyses, improves and controls all the equipment in the installation.

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