SIGMIMONE: KPIs based on Business Intelligence

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The SIGMIMONE project encompasses in a single tool all the information and management necessary for the management of indicators (or Key Performance Indicators – KPIs) for the control of our automated logistics warehouse. The product allows a technical analysis of failures, duration of downtime, the time between breakdowns, availability per machine, etc. in such a way that we condense all the data with the aim of supporting the technical team to optimise their working time and reaction to the machinery.
On the other hand, we facilitate strategic decision-making by maintenance and operations management to set short, medium and long-term objectives at an operational level.
The SIGMIMONE tool has been designed by maintenance and IT engineers of the MIM Group in a complete way, adapted to the real needs of our customers and with a modular philosophy that allows maximum flexibility in data visualisation leading to an easy and quick diagnosis of the state of the technical installation.

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