Commitment to Attendee Safety

The health and safety of our attendees and all staff is of paramount importance when running face to face events, and we are working hard with the venue and relevant industry bodies to ensure that you have absolute peace of mind whilst being able to experience the event and see the latest products in a safe and sound environment.

As such, we have put in place a comprehensive series of steps to ensure we provide a safe and successful event for all involved. We ask you to please read and follow the guidance below to prepare you for your visit to the event and to safeguard the health and safety of both yourself and those around you.

Comprometidos con la seguridad de nuestros visitantes

En Logistics & Automation estamos preparados para que tu visita en IFEMA Madrid sea bajo las medidas de seguridad, sanitarias y distanciamiento social establecidas.

Estamos en continuo contacto con el Gobierno, IFEMA y las Asociaciones sobre Organización de Eventos que disponen de la información más actualizada sobre la prevención y difusión del COVID-19 y seguiremos las directrices que ellos establezcan y con el asesoramiento de nuestro consejo asesor.

Tu seguridad es nuestra prioridad y hemos estado trabajando duro en implementar protocolos de salud y seguridad definidos junto con SGS. Nuestra alianza con SGS asegurará que puedas participar con total tranquilidad en el evento.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection protocols

All surfaces at Logistics & Automation are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants. The most frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected at regular intervals.

Hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser stations will be available everywhere on the exhibition floor and in common areas such as seminar theatres. Please make use of them reguarly during the day!

Smart Badge contactless technology

The safest way to visit an event is through the use of our Smart Badge, which requires no physical contact and guarantees a 100% safe event experience. You will either receive your Smart Badge in the mail before the show, or you can print it out at the entrance. Thanks to the embedded NFC chip you can use your badge throughout the event to gather product and stand information with a swipe of your badge. At the end of the day you receive all collected information via email.

Cashless payment

To protect your personal health and safety, we only accept cashless payments at Easyfairs venues.

Food & Drinks

All catering services must be delivered to tables with a maximum of 4 people and a distance of 1.5m between adjacent chairs. Waiters who will be exclusively in charge of the service shall disinfect their hands with hydro-alcoholic gel after each contact with customers. Tables dedicated to catering must also be disinfected after each use. It is not permitted to eat or drink standing up at any time and in any area of the fairgrounds.

Personal protection & detection

Temperature screenings

It is a condition on entry to IFEMA that everyone, without exception, must have their TEMPERATURE TAKEN using the system provided for this purpose. Automatic temperature screenings before you enter the event will tell us if you have a temperature of 37.5° or above. If your temperature is above 37.5°, we will be unable to grant you admission. We recommend that you check your temperature before leaving home as a precaution and to avoid any inconvenience.

Face masks

Wearing a face mask is mandatory upon entering Logistics & Automation and IFEMA.

Plexiglass shields

Plexiglass shields will be installed at registration desks, information points, catering points and  counters staffed by team members where necessary throughout the event floor.

Physical distancing

Crowd density standards

To ensure appropriate physical distancing during Logistics & Automation we will control the number of people present in the event halls at all times, in accordance with local guidance.

Social distancing and crowd management

We kindly request that you maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people. This social distancing rule will be adapted according the local safety regulations.

¡Reemplaza el apretón de manos por el choque de codos!

¡Los apretones de manos quedan a la espera por el momento! Sabemos que es difícil, porque de manera natural nos sale dar la mano en el mundo de los negocios. Te sugerimos que el saludo sea un choque de codos,  alternativamente, un “beso al aire” como manera amigable de saludar, un simple saludo con la mano o con el pulgar hacia arriba.

Mientras el saludo sea sin contacto físico…siéntete libre de usar tu propio estilo.

Online registration and touchless scanning

Please register online before the event, as registration onsite is not possible. You can either print out your admission voucher, which has a barcode, or bring it on your mobile device. You will then be able to scan the barcode at one of our touchless scanning stations. If you register more than 3 weeks prior to the event*, you will more than likely receive your badge in the post saving you time and eliminating overcrowding at registration. 

*May be subject to changes by the Organization.

Venta de entradas online

Por favor, adquiere tu entrada online por adelantado, porque no es posible obtenerla en el evento. Please purchase your ticket online in advance, as this will not be possible onsite. You can either print out your ticket, which has a barcode, or bring it on your mobile device. You will then be able to scan the barcode at one of our touchless scanning stations.

Registration timeslot

We will make it convenient for you to register for a specific timeslot so that we can ensure compliance with crowd density standards, while saving you time. You can amend the time slot you selected by using your registration key that you will find in your confirmation email.

Consulta todo lo que necesitas online

Consulta nuestra página web para hacer tu visita los más eficiente posible. Puedes utilizar el catálogo de expositores y el programa de contenidos para planificar qué empresas y productos te gustaría ver, y a qué congresos asistir. Te aconsejamos organizar tu visita con antelación para poder llegar a tiempo a los congresos porque las plazas pueden estar limitadas debido a las medidas de distanciamiento social.

One-way only aisles

One-way-only aisles will help to manage traffic and minimise crowding. They will also make it easier for you to respect the social distancing rules and avoid crossing the paths of other visitors.

One-way aisles and directional walkways

At Logistics & Automation we have implemented one-way aisles and directional walkways.

One-way-only aisles will help to manage traffic and minimise crowding. They will also make it easier for you to respect the social distancing rules and avoid crossing the paths of other visitors.

On paths where there is enough room for people to walk in both directions, please keep to your side as indicated by the directional arrows.

Maximum capacity in conference rooms

Conference areas will also allow for social distancing, with 1.5 metres between chairs. This means there will be limited capacity, so please arrive on time. Some chairs may be marked as unavailable. Please respect this instruction and do not move the chairs.

Stay home if you feel ill

Finally, as much as we want to see you at Logistics & Automation, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety. If you feel at all ill – including mild cold symptoms or a high temperature – please stay at home.

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection protocols

All surfaces in Logistics & Automation are treated with hospital-grade disinfectants.  Also, frequently touched surfaces are disinfected on a regular basis.

Thank you for observing these rules – stay safe and we hope to see you at the event!